Cataclysm Beta Build 13277 & 13316

Some interesting changes announced by the Blues a few days ago….


* Prayer of Healing base healing value has been increased by 20%. [This is a good thing]

* Holy Word: Sanctuary’s healing effectiveness now diminishes for each player beyond 6 within the area. [looks like a nerf of sorts but still balanced amoung the other ground healing abilities of Druids/Shamans]

* Power Word: Barrier duration reduced to 10 sec, down from 25 sec. No longer absorbs a given amount of damage, now reduces all damage done to friendly targets by 30%. While within the barrier, spellcasting will not be interrupted by damage. [Im pleased about this but looks like mastery wont affect PW Barrier now if its just a flat 30% damage reduction, not a big deal if it dosent scale with mastery since 30% dmg red on EVERYONE under the barrier is like a MASSIVE Pain Suppression on the whole raid for 10 secs..and if you Glyph it too, the extra 10% healing under the Barrier will work very well indeed]

* Divine Aegis now also procs from all heals from Prayer of Healing. [All now a whole group is guaranteed to get DA bubble each from PoH – awesome since Disc is supposed to be ‘balanced around Divine Aegis’ This change alone puts Disc is a good place for Raid healing.]

* Grace now increases all healing received from the Priest by 4/8%, up from 2/4%. [Any buff to Grace is a good thing but comon Blizz – we need Grace to be a castable buff where we can choose who to keep it on]

I have been lucky enough to try out the new Discipline changes on Beta and have been pretty pleased with them so far. Id still like to see one or two more changes/adjustments to Discipline such as Atonement being adjusted so that if in range it will go to the person with your Grace Buff, as technically whoever has your Grace buff obviously needs the heals int he first place ! rather see Atonement getting to ‘Grace’ than being used up on a Hunters pet.

Also Strength of Soul feels pretty lame seeing as it takes about a week about 2 secs to cast ‘Heal’ @ lvl 85 it would be nice if Penance was added into the Talent too.  It would make more sence, ultimately we want SoS to work in a fashion where we can re-shield a target quickly, so using our burst spell to reduced the WS debuff makes sence to me….realisticaly though…not likely to happen is it..

PW: Barrier… Blues, please leave it alone now ! Im happy with it, I have a use for PW:B Glyph finally /happy bunny

More Buffs /cheer

  • Binding Heal base healing value increased by 20%, from [ 3960 – 5091 ] to [ 4752 – 6110 ]
  • Greater Heal base healing value increased by 20%, from [ 6968 – 8098 ] to [ 8361 – 9717 ]
  • Heal base healing value increased by 20%, from [ 2613 – 3037 ] to [ 3136 – 3644 ]
  • Flash Heal base healing value increased by 20%, from [ 5227 – 6074 ] to [ 6272 – 7289 ]



Whilst we are looking at the upcoming changes, check this out :

Super Shiny Body and Soul Animation complete with stars and sparkles… whats not to love ?

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