To Gnome or not to Gnome…

So ive been toying with the idea of race changing once ‘The Shattering’ happens.  Do I go Gnome for the extra 5% mana ?  OR wait for Cataclysm and change to Worgen for the extra Crit – which will of course be pretty smexy for Discipline Priests.
I dont know about you guys but I like my toon to look nice…and you know theres some butt ugly toons out there [yes Dwarfs im looking at you lol].  Anyway, I race changed to Gnome on the PTR…yep the extra mana boosted me to 52k worth of spamming…cant argue with 52k really.  Have to say though, Gnomes are just way too Short ! I knw they are supposed to be but I mean come on, they just look funny… I keep telling myself its least I can have pink hair…right ? and at least a more interesting /dance than humans !!

Over on Beta I race changed to Worgen.  Now, Worgens are pretty nice, considering you have a human form too…but why oh why does Armour look pants on Worgens ?  All the gear just looks very awkward and has kinda put me off.  I mean…maby Worgens should not show Armor kinda like Druids… ? and just show armor in human form…

My way of maby justifying race changing to Gnome is this.  I intend to be dual spec Discipline/Holy.  I want my gear to be compatible with both specs as much as possible.  We all know mana will be at a premium soon so a constant 5% extra that scales with lvls and gear is going to be pretty nice, and compliment both specs whereas Worgen would compliment Disc more than Holy [IMO].  I am an engineer so I have the Nitro Boosts on my boots so I wont ‘miss’ the racial sprint Worgens can do.  Have you thought about which race you may switch to and why ? drop it in comments.  :))

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