The Gnome and the Baby Moonkin

These last few days since 4.0.3a dropped live on the servers I have been busy collecting a few new pets.  All pretty easy to get and of course I have my favourite Moonkin Hatchling– he does some cute things, grows flowers randomly, trys to Fly, and even does the chicken dance !

Other pets I have been fortunate to get are Mr Grubbs’, hes pretty awesome – he dosent do a lot except randomly throw himself around.

Withers is another great pet I obtained through completing a few lowbie quests in Darnassus.  Withers is pretty big for a non-combat pet..dont let it fool you though – you need to make sure Withers has regular drinks or he will wither/shrink to a tiny size.  Refreshment is the only way to make him grow again.

Tiny Flamefly is another new pet recently added to the game – hes available through completing some quests in Burning Steppes.  Hes quite nice for a fly…and pink so thats a bonus 🙂

Oh and who can forget the awesome Singing Sunflower available through completing the Quest chain Peacebloom and Zombies.  You need some pretty good concentration to do this quest chain as well as about 20 mins uninterrupted time !

Have a look at for more info on these pets – and MANY more.

Oh by the way – I went ahead with the race change, im officially a short lil pink haired Gnome lol.  Takes a bit of getting used to but im pleased I made the change.  Any of you race changed recently or planning to ?


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