Cataclysmic Healing, Whiptails & Dragons

OMG so much to talk about – well its been a month since Cataclysm was released and so much has happened !!!  Have to say – the leveling went quite smoothe – and fast, took me around 3 days to ding 85.

Isnt it funny all the disagreements on many forums about the so called ‘state of disc priests’…. a lot of people saying disc is in a very bad place – then another bunch of people saying disc is the best its been.  What do I think ?  well im pretty happy with my lil ol’ disco priest right now.  I can hold my own on raid healing for sure sometimes outhealing the other classes.  Yeah we could do with a cpl of changes here and there but I dont think any class will ever be perfect.[except healadins]

Here is my wishlist for Discipline Priests:

1:  Grace – This needs to be an applyable buff we place on our chosen target.  [much like focus magic]

2:  Divine Aegis – [this is a big ask] Can we have this auto proc from ALL our direct heals please – I dont want to stack crit like Wrath !!  Holy priests have Echo of light from ALL there direct heals so comon Blizz – spread the love. This would be the perfect answer to bring balance imo.

3: Atonement – I love this – but please make it a more intelligent heal and heal the person who has Grace ! not the hunters pet or the DK’s worms.

Personally I use the Atonement spec.  The heals I see from atonement have been pretty nice – crits around 30k +  however when it lands on a target that dosent need the heal it is a waste.  I havent touched ‘Heal’ for around 2 weeks.  It just dosent have enough oomph in it to warrant the cast [comon blizz do you really think a 10k snail slow heal will really make ANY difference to a tank with 170k health being bashed in the face constantly ?]

.  Greater Heal, Atonement and a Surge of Light freebie Flash Heal or Inner Focus Flash Heal are my ‘goto’ spells.   Prayer of Healing is just pure awesomeness with the auto procs of Divine Aegis ! this has made Disc priests one of the most powerful raid healers in cataclysm.  Raid healing is a joy now.


Right now I have no mana problems at all – when I first started healing the cataclysm heroic dungeons mana sucked big time.  I was haveing to sacrifice a DPS in order to have enough mana to keep the tank up lol.  im sure many of you had the same problems.  Many disc priest switched to Holy as it seemed the better option for getting through the heroics….but not me !! I stood strong and stayed with my trusty disc spec and im glad I did.  These days – healing heroic dungeons is a breeze.  I have around 120k mana which is smexy.  Synapse Springs on my gloves and the power torrent enchant on my weapon.  When a PW:S pops I have a return of mana anything from around 7.4k – 8.7k  ! This allows me to cast a cpl of PoH effectivly for nothing – how awesome is that ?!  So long as we track rapture [I use sexy cooldown – you can d/l it from curse] – we can pretty much guarantee a nice mana return every 12 secs..its like taking a mana pot every 12 secs lol.  Add to that Inner Will & Mental Agility and the cost of PW:S is cheap as chips !

So, as discipline – what do we gem ?

Well right now im gemming pure intellect in Red sockets, Intell/Haste in Yellows and Intell/Spirit in Blues.  Ember Shadowspirit Diamond for your Meta – Enchants are pretty much dependant on wether youa re having mana issues still….I like to go for Intellect enchants where I can  – or Haste – Power Torrent is imo pretty awesome for Discipline.  We need Intellect – Power Torrent is ideal. Obviously you dont wanna go for Power Torrent IF you still OOM – then you wanna go for Heartsong. And by the way – I dont do theorycrafting or any of that shite – Lets leave that for the folks at EJ…it makes my head hurt too much – imo..IF you know your spec/character well and know how to ‘play’ you know what works for you and what dosent.

I like to stack as much intellect as gnomely possible – Flask of the Draconic Mind and a Fortune Cookie makes me a happy gnome.

Talking about Fortune Cookies ! please – no more herbing bots in Uldum – the Whiptails are mine damnit !!  I regularly take my Druid Alt to Uldum to pick up a few stacks of herbs for making my flasks and for milling.  Darkmoon Card: Tsunami SO SO many ppl herbing the same strip of land for a few whiptails but sorry folks – Druid flight form is pure win for herbing. We swoop in –  we grab – we swoop out.  Also easier to dodge the crocs too ! My drood has managed to get to lvl 84 by just herbing – that is a lot of herbs i know but the  only downside is – when shes lvl 85 – her gear is gonna SUCK!!!!! WTB guild boost thru dungeons plz !

Last but not least…..Vial of the Sands

Yep – i am officially a dragon !  cost a shed load of gold but worth it for the lols of taking a guildie to a remote place and coming out of dragon form hitting levitate and /lol at them as they swiftly tank the floor

Anyway – more from me later !!

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