4.0.6 ‘The OMG Buffs Patch’ PTR

So, the PTR’s are being fired up with a new patch – 4.0.6  this contains LOTS of tastey buffs for Discipline Priests.  Its nice to see Blizz have been ‘semi-listening’ to the community and are fixing some issues.

So – heres what we have to look forward too – I have lighlighted the tastiest ones and added my initial thoughts…!! although they are all good..lets hope this makes it onto live !! :D


* Levitate now lasts 10 min, up from 2 min.  oookkkk
* Power Word: Fortitude now costs 22% of base mana, down from 69%.  ok – so I wont need to have Inner Will on to buff the raid anymore…why do buffs have to cost mana anyway ?!?
* Power Word: Shield now scales from 87% of spell power, up from 41.8%. Base absorb increased by 110%, from 3906 to 8136. Now costs 25% of base mana, up from 19% of base mana. This is a HUGE BUFF
* Focused Will now reduces all damage taken by 5/10%, up from 4/6%.  Already in-game
* Grace can now be active on multiple targets at a time. OMG HUGE BUFF ALERT ..multiple targets !!!! /faint
* Pain Suppression no longer increases resistance to Dispel mechanics.
* Rapture now energizes you with 2/4/6% of your total mana, up from 1.5/2/2.5%. Awesome buff already in-game on live
* Atonement now affects a friendly party or raid target within 15 yards, up from 8 yards. Already in-game on live.
* Improved Power Word: Shield now also increase the damage absorbed by an additional 15/30% when Power Word: Shield is cast on yourself. Good for PVP I suppose – but id prefer to see this work as a buff in general to PW:S…


* Holy Word: Chastise now has a 30 sec cooldown, up from 25 sec. wow an extra 5 secs
* Chakra’s state now last 1 min, up from 30 sec. Better
* Blessed Resilience now increases all healing received by 15/30%, up from 5/10%. Nice Buff
* Holy Concentration now increases mana regeneration by 15/30%, up from 10/20%. Nice buff – already ingame on live…
* Surge of Light now also procs from Flash Heal and Greater Heal. Awesome [for Atonement spec disc priests]

Referring back to my previous post – although none of the above proposed changes reflect my ‘wishes’ these are very positive changes and a step in the right direction of strengthening a Discipline Priests Tank & Raid healing capabilities.  i will be one happy lil gnome if these make it through to Live…

Oh – and just a quicke – stoopid screenshot from Throne of the Tides heroic dungeon… i suspect youve all done the mounting up on your groups mount thing.. lol  surprisingly it dosent look as stupid a gnome on a mounts head…anyway moving on take a peek.,

See you next time !

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  1. The PW:S buff is crazy nice and the Grace change is amazing. Half the time in heroics my dps only get a renew and maybe pw:s if they took damage because I wasn’t going to let Grace fall off the tank for any reason.

  2. Great post. I appreciate that you mention which changes are already live. Keep up the good work!

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