Friday Farmday – Archaeology

Wow what a week of farming I have been doing.  Archaeology is a bit of a grind but the hard work is certainly paying off.

I now am the proud owner of Tyrande’s Favourite Doll after 4 days of farming Night Elf sites in Kalimdor and discovering the other NE Rare items – it dropped !

….after completing the trinket a Tol’Vir site in Uldum appeared on the map, I was only 3 fragments away from completing a Tol’vir common so I flew down there dodged and fade’d my way thru the mobs and gathered the remaining Fragments to complete the artifact….. /gasp…. omg look what Tol’vir artefact im in the process of solving now !! Ring of the Boy Emperor !! my first Tol’vir rare.   Must be my lucky day or something.

Having tried out the trinket – the mana return is ‘ok’  on a 5 min encounter using it on cooldown youd get back 21k mana… but its worth its weight in gold for Disc spec for the 321 intellect alone….obviously you can still use mana potions etc so all in all its pretty good, at least until heroic raids.

The mini arcane explosion the trinket does obviously scales with Spellpower… I ran a heroic dungeon popped the trinket and did 15k damage to something … could be a CC breaker to so use wisely I must.

Its quite nice these items are Bind on Account… my poor resto druid who dinged 85 via herbing alone is in desperate need of some shinys lol

On a totally unrelated note – have u checked out the SoS animation ?

Since I made that Vid – SoS has changed yet again… will only proc after using Inner Focus NOT PW:S…. not a bad animation for SoS though.

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