My Healing UI

We’ve all done it right..found a UI we are happy with, tweaked and played around – then started from scratch a few weeks later.  well heres my latest – a bunch of addons put together to make this:

The first is in combat – with pitbull player, target, targets target and focus frames visible [I have my focus mid left of the shot]  just above my bars in the huge grey box – my Healbot resides…with 5, 10, 25 bars all able to comfortably fit in. the 2nd shot shows the 25 healbot bars setup. [also tweaked the colors a bit and placement of Power auras]

Sexy cooldown bar sits above my bartender buttons.  Quartz cast bar ….. Recount… and Power Auras to monitor my ‘major’ spell cooldowns.

The kgpanelesque  ‘backgrounds’ and Mini-map are called ‘Tattoo’.  Very lightweight on memory which appeals to me a gr8 deal.  Anway – so i thought id change everything about so I dont have my healbot slap bang in the centre of my screen obstructing bad things on the floor i shouldnt be standing in etc.   Other addons I use are Tidy Plates and Threat Plates .  Im gonna see how i get on with it tonight !!

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