4.0.6 Next Week ?

Sooo…. I dropped into the PTR this morning and noticed this at the bottom left of the screen !

Notice “(Release)” looks like this will be the one to go live… in my experience once we get a ‘release’ on the PTR they usually drop them on live servers on next maintenance day…so heres hoping !!

Just to note – Disc is looking pretty nice on the PTR 🙂 im gonna love the revamped Strength of Soul talent so much !!

ciao for now !

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  1. I am ready for this patch and some of the improvements healers are getting. Hmmm. My current spec does not have Strength of Soul. What are the benefits that you see?

  2. Heya Trinity

    Like you right now I dont have SoS purely because that means I have to cast ‘Heal’ which is pants ! I run an Atonement Spec – 2 points in Darkness. 2 in Surge of Light.
    SoS in 4.0.6 will see WS reduce with GH, FH & Heal. Therefore I figure moving my 2 points from Darkness to SoS.
    I tend to Smite Weave – making good use of GH and the free SoL FH’s. Especially on ‘Tank support duty’
    Although im tempted to drop my holy offspec altogether and have 2 disco spec – one for tank healz and one for raid healz.

    So much to look forward too for us – PoM Glyph, Grace on more peepz, stacking DA’s from PoH !!

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