Prepearing for 4.0.6

Disc Glyphs/Trees/Regen and Cake

4.0.6 is about to drop and we need to re-evaluate our Talent Trees.  Many talents have had a revamp and look much more appealing.  Time to see the Priest Trainer – part with yet more gold and redo that tree/s.

Pick up some Dust of Dissapearance on your way to the priest trainer as you WILL want to start using the Prayer of Awesomeness Major Glyph.

So..where to put your talent points ?

Tank Healing ? I would tend to go with something like this:  Tank Healz Build

Raid Healing ? Something like this:  Raid Healz Build

Obviously there are variations – Train of Thought …. as yet ive NEVER specced into this – is the cooldown reduction on Penace/Inner focus really worth it ?

The talent calculators arent yet updated with the new Strength of Soul tooltip.  or the Improved PW:S talent.

We still need to take into consideration – PW:S will cost more mana [damn you blizz] – dont start spamming it around unless:

1: You need to save ppl from almost certain death [i.e the suicidal kitty]

2:  You need the regen from Rapture.

3: You’re healing / assist healing 2 or more tanks.  Remember Grace can be active on multiple targets [ty blizz /hug]

4: You best friend is a Mage. lol

It will take a bit more damage to pop a PW:S so use them wisely or loose your mana faster.

The raid healing build can also be your ‘general all rounder’ it will allow you to raid heal and heal support the tanks too thx to the Strength of Soul talent.

Inner Focus – each time you pop it [45 sec cd] you will be immune to silence/interrupt and dispel effects for 5 secs.  Really nice for PVP.  I have IF macro’d to every healing spell I cast so I dont even have to think about it coming off cd.

Regen: the changes

You know that resto  shaman you have demanded be in your group for the sole purpose of their smexy mana tide totem ?  Demand no more – introducing the raid wide mana tide ! /cheer

Now, its a good idea to co-ordinate [arrange beforehand / yell on vent /teamspeak or make a macro] your mana regen cooldowns such as Hymn of Hope – with the shaman’s mana tide as they WILL stack and ultimatley return MORE mana to you and him/her.  Hell why not pop Shadowfiend too for a bit more !  🙂

Some ppl think Disc will be over powered with all the changes we are getting in 4.0.6  – My view ? well, I think it will make the bad disc priests good and the good ones extremely good  🙂

Move over paladins – we have our cake – we WILL eat it too.

Thats it for me – need to get back to farming the what feels like unobtainable Dwarf Archeaology Staff !!

Ciao for now.

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  1. I thought this was a good post but the cake sent it to a new level. I will be stealing this for Valentine’s Day.

  2. lol yea i thought the cake was pretty funny when i saw it – couldnt resist but to post it :))

  3. You mentioned binding Inner Focus to every heal you use in your Disc spec, but IF only applies to: Flash Heal, Binding Heal, Greater Heal, and Prayer of Healing. Using it off CD, or near CD is definitely important. I try to plan my usage of IF. I have a visual CD display, so I can attempt to line it up with the a fight mechanic, e.g. Cho’gall’s “Shadow Orders” a set of Divine Aegis on five targets for free w/ an improved chance to crit, and therefore a larger DA proc. Joy!

    Nice post though. 😀

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