Archeaology Addon Review – the quest for shinys

Ive breifly written about Archeaology before – after obtaining the two items I was desperately looking for Tyrande’s Favourite Doll and Ring of the Boy Emperor.

Since then ive been ‘casual farming’ here and there getting increasingly fustrated at the lack of the Dwarf staff of shinyness aka the Staff of Sorcerer Thane Thurissan Ive solved many Dwarf artefacts but still no staff  /cry.

Anyway one thing I have found which has made all the digging somewhat tolerable and in your face simple is the ‘Minimal Archeaology‘ Addon. 

No more faffing about with your spellbook to open up archeaology and tab thru the pages… This addon basically provides a simple window type box on your screen listing the races you have discovered along with your current project – keeps track of the fragments, scrolls, rune stones, tablets etc, and even has a little sound effect once a project can be ‘solved’  The little  ** marks indicated the number of scroll, stones, tablets can be used to complete a project.


Mousing over provides a snapshot of the project you are working on – click on the lil spade icon at the top of the window – select the race you want to look at and you are shown a full display of completed/incomplete/in-progress projects.  Makes the whole process that much faster and simple.

All I need now is 4.0.6 and the reduced cooldown on survey !!

Happy digging all

Ciao for now x

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