PW:S Fix ? and Raid Healing

Much more discussion on PW:S after the recent increased mana cost to Disc Priests.

  • In addition to its current effects, the Body and Soul talent now grants 12.5%/25% reduction to the base mana cost of Power Word: Shield. This is not reflected in the tooltip, but is reflected in the amount of mana used when Power Word: Shield is cast by Holy priests who have this talent. The tooltip update will require a client-side patch.
  • Power Word: Shield now costs roughly 34% of base mana, up from 25%. This is not reflected in the tooltip, but is reflected in the amount of mana used when the spell is cast. The tooltip update will require a client-side patch.

I cant see this being a permenant solution – more of a sticky plaster – until they figure out how to nerf PW:S  without actually nerfing it.

This is kind of how PW:S has evolved [or not] since Cataclysm:

In my opinion a ‘fix’ whereby Weakened Soul cannot be active on more than 5 targets at a time would stop the shield spam and would make the Strength of Soul talent more useful in removing the WS debuff to allow another shield to be cast  – almost forceing you to use your actual heals, and making you think more smartly where you put your shield.

Only allowing 5 WS debuffs to be active would still allow you to keep your tanks shielded – and the more vunerable raid members – almost using PW:S like a cooldown ability rather than a raid healing utility.

This wouldnt cause problems for newly dinged 85’s in dungeons – still being able to shield the entire group if needed.  This also wouldnt make the other 5-6 healers in you 25man raid redundant because no matter how much mana you have you cannot have more than 5 ppl with Weakened Soul.  It also wouldnt ruin 10 man raids as generally regen or replenishment can lack from 10 mans – and overall I do think 10 mans are slightly more difficult than a 25man raid.  Definately less margin for error in a 10 man in comparrison with a 25man.

The only problem i can forsee is how would they distinguish a Disc Weakened Soul from a Holy Priest Weakened Soul ?


On a seperate note – with the impending nerftype bat coming to PW:S id love to see another Divine Aegis type raid healing ability implemented:
Prayer of Aegis:  10 sec cooldown, instant cast – Puts protective shields on group members within x yards – lasts 10 secs….scale it with mastery.

Kinda of a Circle of Healing type ability but with Divine Aegis.

Anyway – lets see what happens to Disc over the coming days/weeks…….


Ciao for now 🙂

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