Disc @ 4.1 PTR Changes [aka Nerfs]

* Ouch * That Nerf hurt !
x Power Word: Barrier‘s cooldown has been increased to 3 minutes, up from 2, and its effect has been reduced to 25%, down from 30%. [O M G….. im lost for words….. ‘WTF’ dosent quite cut it to be honest]


Other Changes:

Inner Will and Inner Fire now last until canceled. [because it was SO hard to click the button every 30 minutes !]
It is now possible to remove Weakened Soul effects that were a result of another priest’s Power Word: Shield through Strength of Soul. [Handy if more that 1 Disc Priest in your Raid – or a bubble happy Holy Priest !]

…. ok so it is only ‘PTR’ and subject to several changes between now and release [thankfully] but come on Blizz – the Disc priest community are still sore over the PW:S mana increase and now you increase our Barrier’s cooldown !!?? Why ?!?

Many Disc Priests will be forced to respec to Holy who right now look to come to 4.1 in one piece and still playable.

Outraged – this has prompted me to download the current PTR and copy my beloved heartbroken Disc Priest to Brill EU….so ANY future change I can have a look at straight away. [waits for new spells and buffs !!]

Im sure Blizz [hopefully] reads the community forums and probably visits places like MMO – tbh the QQ is flooding everywhere so it isnt going to be hard for Blizz to miss it.

My 4.1 Wish List

  • Prayer of Healing to not only auto Proc Divine Aegis but to apply 1 x stack of Grace on each target.
  • Inner Focus – 45 sec cooldown -In addition to its current effects –  Make spells not only mana free but instant cast.
  • *New Spell* – Empowered Penance: A burst of Holy Energy fires at your target and the 4 nearest lowest Health targets healing all 5 targets for [no more than 10k] 20 sec cd.  To look like Penance – but only 1 burst not 3 and to only apply 1 stack of Grace per target.
  • More Divine Aegis auto procs to make good use of our ‘mastery’ and steer us further away from PW:S spamage.

Not asking for much ? …anyway – see you on Brill !

Ciao for now.

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  1. I must admit I am already tired of all these healing changes. Very tired and sad.

    We have lost so many healers to dps in our group that we can no longer run 2 10 man raids.

    All this yanking around the game designers are doing to the average Joe healer is scaring many away. Healing has become less about fun and more about conforming the the view of ‘what a healer should be able to do’. Frankly, I am tired of being manipulated.

  2. I kind of feel Blizz thinks up these Nerfs based on the ‘top raiding guilds’ performance not based on your average priest in an average raiding guild – therefore the ‘nerfs’ feel like a huge blow to us regular ppl.
    It is sad that the spec is being pulled apart bit by bit – having said that I will remain mainspec Disc…and no doubt – more QQ to come !!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree. Average Joe healers get mowed over…trying to find a way to play with moving tool set. With a lot of guilds only running 10s these days…the impact to raiding overall for these guilds is immense.

    I am of the opinion that PTR is mostly high end players/guilds/bloggers who want to be ahead of the curve. If Blizzard is using that data and overall kills from all the guilds far ahead of the average raider, especially 25s data, we will be continually stomped on by patches. I cannot think this will fair well the stalwart few heals left.

    It makes me sadz.

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