Magmaw 25Heroic.. DK? Who Needs A DK When You Have A Fire Mage ?!?

Yep, as the title says – You dont need a Death Knight for Kiting the parasites on Magmaw 25 Heroic !

Our resident Fire Mage took on the hefty task of kiting the adds throughout the encounter, and it has to be said he did a damn good job of it, blinking and dodging the ignition fire on the ground.  We all know Mages are aggro machines so keeping and gaining aggro on the Parasites was pretty much a breeze for him. Lots of Blast Wave, Flamestrike spam and then Blink if the adds got too close.

Again we used the ‘stacking up on melee’ strategy with just 6 ppl standing out which consisted of Myself, The Mage, 3 x Hunters and a Resto Shaman. With at least 6 ppl standing out you are guaranteed the Pillar of Flame will spawn ‘outside’ rather than on the melee.

We downed him on our 2nd attempt, and as the bubbling disc priest of the raid looking after the kiter i have to say it was a lot easier keeping the Mage up than the DK we used the previous time lol !

Now, the bad news… Not expecting the Mage kiting to actually work out – none of us were prepared with FRAPS or WOL !  /epic fail.   We will be fully prepared next time tho !!

So next time someone in your raid says Magmaw 25 heroic isnt doable without a Frost DK – you can send them here !!

Ciao for now 🙂


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  1. Good day Jackie! I happened to check out your armory and had a question unrelated to your post…hope you get this!

    I am currently specced into Inspiration and I see that you don’t select it as a talent and wonder what size of group that you run (10 or 25) and if you are at all tasked with tank healing. I really love the reduced cooldown from Veiled Shadows but want to reforge the haste out of my gear and move it to mastery and the additional haste from Darkness would be awesome to have back in my spec. I have gotten a lot of different opinions on this and wondered what your take was!

    • Hi there 🙂 We run 25man and im pretty much 100% raid healing hence why I dont spec into Inspiration. The physical damage reduction buff is pretty much taken care of by our Holy Priests and Resto Shamans – therefore it frees up those points to put elsewhere. Having said that – if you are primarily tank healing then ideally you would take Inspiration.
      Now, I do have 2 disc specs. Primarily I use the Atonement Spec for raid healing on all fights apart from Magmaw & Artremedes Heroic. On Magmaw – I look after the Kiter so im basically bubbleing him, myself and the other ppl who are standing out – Having the extra points in Veiled Shadows is awesome for the regen. Artremededs heroic – im bubbleing at least 2 groups like crazy so again the extra fiend is great here.
      Lastly the haste/mastery debate. There are no set rules but I like to run with around 13% raid buffed Haste [2sec PoH is nice]. As a general rule – reforge ALL crit on gear to Mastery [my PW:S absorbs around 34k] Once you reach your comfortable haste lvl you can reforge extra Haste to Crit. Hope that helps.

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