Magmaw 25 Heroic – The Video

As promised in my last post – here is the Video [s] of our Fire Mage kiting the Parasites on the Heroic 25man encounter.

My job as the Disco Diva Priest was to keep him alive as well as throwing out some Shieldz and Healz on the Hunters who stood out from the Boss. [Remember – having at least 5-6 ppl standing out from the boss will mean the pillar of flame will always spawn on one of those ppl rather than in the melee]

Keeping out of the Ignition Fire on the ground can be a tricky thing when youre trying to Heal on the run.  Inner Will can be helpful here – the 10% movement increase can be a god send.

I chose a ‘non-atonement spec’  picking up 3/3 in Inner Sanctum. 

Whilst in ‘Inner Fire’ stance the 6% spell damage reduction has to be a bonus here with all the fire and shadow damage all over the place.  Switching stances is simple enough to do should the need arise – for example Inner Will if mana is getting low so your instant cast spells are that much cheaper.  If you watch through my video you can see I didnt even have to use Hymn of Hope as I managed my mana pretty well by keeping an eye on the cooldown of  Tyrandes Favourite Doll and a well timed Potion of Concentration.   I saved my shadowfiend for the last phase – the mana regen boost of the fiend was enough to allow me to throw out a few extra shields and heals as everyone was spreading out and taking a shed load of OP damage.

Here we go – This is the first Vid from my POV.

And this one is from our Fire Mage’s POV.

Enjoy & ciao for now  :))


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