Shiny Priest was founded in late 2010.  Written by ‘Jackiebane’ an endgame raiding Discipline Priest from Ghostlands EU server.  Jackie likes drinking half a bottle of Wine on non-progression raid nights [plz note I said ‘non’ just in case my GM reads this :P] Most nights she sucessfully keeps the raid alive with the great healing team of the Guild whilst eating chocolate digestive biscuits… yum..[best raiding food ever]

Previously her main was a Resto Shaman, but she quickly grew tired of constantly spamming the same 2 buttons [or 3 if you count Heroism]  She started serious raiding with her Priest back in Trial of the Crusader and quickly grew to love the ways of Priest Healing.  The Resto Shaman remains her Alt but she is stranded meditating somewhere in the Exodar…maby she will awaken for more fun in Cataclysm…we will see.

  1. i downloaded ur ui pack what is the adddon that has the faces and the cast bar? from ur pack i just need to ajust those and the ui is perfect k thanks email me back, pokemonlover247brah@gmail.com

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