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Blackwing Descent – Elevator Boss Stats

Bam !

Elevator Boss is indeed one of the hardest bosses that ppl just take for granted that they can faceroll when clearly they cant.

I guarantee there is at least 2 deaths per raid on the Ele Boss !

Numerous Guides to defeat this boss are available on various forums.  Beware of Elevator Boss in Hard Mode – aka the Life Gripping Priests – one minute youre running in one direction stepping off the elevator – the next- bam! youre on your way back up to the top.

Hardmode at its finest. 

There are various achievments assiciated with the boss – such as Nitro Boots + Cloak Parachute + Dodging the Life gripping Priest as well as hoping the Nitro Boots wont Leak and kill you on your way to Chimaerons room.

Oh the Joy – nice to see once again Blizz have a sence of humor.

ciao for now !


Hotfix Woes

Lifebound Alchemist Stone can no longer be disenchanted, ouch.

  • Im not an enchanter myself but im sure a lot of ppl were profiting from farming the mats for the stone and having their Alchemy/Enchanting buddy make then DE the stone for the crystal…. im so glad I had my enchants done before this hotfix.  The power torrent and peerless stats would have cost over 10k on my sever had I needed to buy the mats from the overpriced AH.

Wouldnt it be great if Blizz made it so we could have an enchanter DE our soulbound items via the trade window… kinda how we have gear enchanted….but disenchanted...yea not gonna happen is it..