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Halfus Heroic 25man – Down !


Our first night of raiding Heroic modes and we downed Halfus after around 6 trys.

Pure healing spamfest – not quite sure what tactics we followed and its even hard to tell from the FRAPS’ed Vid [recorded by one of our Mages] but we ran with 4 tanks and 8 Healers.

Worked for us ๐Ÿ™‚

Also – on a side note about Disc PVE being OP. After healing Halfus Heroic last night – I would say it most certainly isnt OP.ย  What our direct raid heals lack our PW:S makes up for but we defo cant spam shields endlessly. [unless youre good friends with all the druids in your raid and they are willing to chain innervates to you]ย  I can see the nerfbat being waved by a few ppl in the wow community but im hoping the Dev’s keep it away from us !

Oh and PW:S Glyph is my current favourite – crits for 10k !?!?!

Ciao for now.


Heroic Modes Here We Come – Nefarian down !

Yep, as the title says – we [the guild No Quarter] has cleared all of BWD – Nefarian was defeated last night on our 5th try.ย  We faced him as a 10 man team – all went pretty smoothly – but you definately feel the difficulty in 10 man compared to 25 man.ย  10 mans – less margin for error – if someone dies – its pretty much a wipe, whereas 25 man loosing one or two ppl dosent make the encounter impossible.

Anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ heres the Vid – Frapsed and put together by a fellow guildie.

and the shiny screenshot !


Now – off to re-spec my talents.ย  More on 4.0.6 later !


Ciao for now x

How To [not] Holy – Chimaeron: Blackwing Descent

This encounter has made me enjoy Holy Spec [did I say that out loud !?!?] Its such a pig to heal – and way easier to respec Holy than try spamming as Disc.

We [my guild] have downed Chimaeron several times both in 10 & 25man.ย  Last night – we nuked him as a 25man team.

Some co-ordination with Lightwells/Healthstones/Tranquilitys/Divine Hymns and praying we sucessfully made it thru 3 Feud phases before hitting the final phase where Chimaeron has no way of being taunted and keeps the DPS screaming in panic if they happen to be top on aggro lol.

Kite more damnit !! damn warlocks – learn to DoT n Run.. anyway – Healers were throwing in some Smites, DoTs and Holy Fires… 100k left on the boss… im at about 9k health – In my infinate wisdom as i was pretty much OOM by this point I decided to hit Shadow Word: Death… and killed myself LOL…yea…not funny…dont do that – makes you look stoopid.ย  [im sure at some point youve all SW:D’d yourselves ?]

Anyway – Lightwell owns on Chimaeron encounter… heres a snapshot of my recount of healing done:

Not bad for mainspec Disco.

So..yea..another fail I can add to my ‘Inner Focus’ ofย  LOL section.

Ciao for now x

New UI [Again] !

Ok, so I changed my mind.. [again] Womans perogative to do so ๐Ÿ˜›

Here we are [Blackwing Descent -Nefarian 25man]- same addons as in this post:ย – different layout ๐Ÿ™‚

Think i will stick to this one ๐Ÿ™‚