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Blackwing Descent – Elevator Boss Stats

Bam !

Elevator Boss is indeed one of the hardest bosses that ppl just take for granted that they can faceroll when clearly they cant.

I guarantee there is at least 2 deaths per raid on the Ele Boss !

Numerous Guides to defeat this boss are available on various forums.  Beware of Elevator Boss in Hard Mode – aka the Life Gripping Priests – one minute youre running in one direction stepping off the elevator – the next- bam! youre on your way back up to the top.

Hardmode at its finest. 

There are various achievments assiciated with the boss – such as Nitro Boots + Cloak Parachute + Dodging the Life gripping Priest as well as hoping the Nitro Boots wont Leak and kill you on your way to Chimaerons room.

Oh the Joy – nice to see once again Blizz have a sence of humor.

ciao for now !


Al’Akir 10 man down !!

After an entire night of Phase 3 wipes we finally managed to down Al’Akir.  Wasnt the cleaned of kills but im sure we can do better next time 🙂

Life Grip [Leap of Faith] saved 2 fellow guildies from the Squall line.  Get picked up in the squall and you take a fair bit of damage.  Its nice that Leap of Faith has some good uses !!

I went with the non-atonement spec for this encounter as unfortunately Atonement does not work due the the boss being so damn big !  and as usual crappy loot dropped which was swiftly DE’d.

Mana is not a problem at all for Disc on this encounter you can spam away to your hearts content ! :

The PW:S & Divine Aegis help so much with damage reduction of the Acid Rain in Phase 2.  Popping PW:Barrier to get everyone healed right up too is great. [ i would not want to heal it as Holy !!]

WOL Report for the kill

Managed to get a no: 46 ranking on that too /flex ^^

Check out the video – try to watch till the end !!

Ciao for now x