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4.1 The Bugs, The DC’s and … ZG

Zul Gurub…what the heck is up with that place…  2 hours to complete the dungeon ….. really ?

346 ilvl required to get into either ZG or ZA and believe me for ZG you will need a degree in how to move out of bad, so so much bad that can kill you.   I consider myself to be a well geared disco priest who does know how to move but OMG…lost count of the number of times we wiped on Venoxis.   [it has since been hotfixed before anyone calls noob]

Lots of other wierd bugs with ground effect spells such as HW:Sanctuary, Efflorecence, Healing Rain and PW:Barrier.  Last night we were unable to overlap any of the healing circles nor cast them on an uneven surface.  The mages, hunters and druids were also experiencing similar ‘bugs’ with targeted spells such as treants.  My ticket to a GM was answered today and they are ‘ looking into it’ ….. GM’s are strange ppl… he even told me a ‘joke’ …..

Lots of DC’s too..which kindly reset an entire dungeon for us several times not to mention the DC at Halfus which kicked us all out of raid group and respawned all the trash !!!!!  /grrrrr

Anyway, enough blah from me for now, I will leave you with a screeny of one of our hunters stuck in the doorway to BWD….. [literally stuck in the skulls mouth]….

Ciao for now.


PTR 4.1 : HW:Sanctuary …bug ?

The Blues buffed this pretty sparkeling spell by a whopping 35%…  but for some reason having tested this on the PTR – it appears to NOT be proccing Echo of Light. [The ticks themselves of Sanctuary were hitting for around 800 to crits of 1400k [approx]

This is rather odd and of course could be a bug… but to buff a spell by 35% and take away the Echo of Light proc seems a bit bizarre… anyway – heres some pretty Holyfied pics of the latest visual for HW:S.


also a rather nice HW:S and overlayed Efflorecence …. loving the pink and orange flowers !

Disc @ 4.1 PTR Changes [aka Nerfs]

* Ouch * That Nerf hurt !
x Power Word: Barrier‘s cooldown has been increased to 3 minutes, up from 2, and its effect has been reduced to 25%, down from 30%. [O M G….. im lost for words….. ‘WTF’ dosent quite cut it to be honest]


Other Changes:

Inner Will and Inner Fire now last until canceled. [because it was SO hard to click the button every 30 minutes !]
It is now possible to remove Weakened Soul effects that were a result of another priest’s Power Word: Shield through Strength of Soul. [Handy if more that 1 Disc Priest in your Raid – or a bubble happy Holy Priest !]

…. ok so it is only ‘PTR’ and subject to several changes between now and release [thankfully] but come on Blizz – the Disc priest community are still sore over the PW:S mana increase and now you increase our Barrier’s cooldown !!?? Why ?!?

Many Disc Priests will be forced to respec to Holy who right now look to come to 4.1 in one piece and still playable.

Outraged – this has prompted me to download the current PTR and copy my beloved heartbroken Disc Priest to Brill EU….so ANY future change I can have a look at straight away. [waits for new spells and buffs !!]

Im sure Blizz [hopefully] reads the community forums and probably visits places like MMO – tbh the QQ is flooding everywhere so it isnt going to be hard for Blizz to miss it.

My 4.1 Wish List

  • Prayer of Healing to not only auto Proc Divine Aegis but to apply 1 x stack of Grace on each target.
  • Inner Focus – 45 sec cooldown -In addition to its current effects –  Make spells not only mana free but instant cast.
  • *New Spell* – Empowered Penance: A burst of Holy Energy fires at your target and the 4 nearest lowest Health targets healing all 5 targets for [no more than 10k] 20 sec cd.  To look like Penance – but only 1 burst not 3 and to only apply 1 stack of Grace per target.
  • More Divine Aegis auto procs to make good use of our ‘mastery’ and steer us further away from PW:S spamage.

Not asking for much ? …anyway – see you on Brill !

Ciao for now.

Prepearing for 4.0.6

Disc Glyphs/Trees/Regen and Cake

4.0.6 is about to drop and we need to re-evaluate our Talent Trees.  Many talents have had a revamp and look much more appealing.  Time to see the Priest Trainer – part with yet more gold and redo that tree/s.

Pick up some Dust of Dissapearance on your way to the priest trainer as you WILL want to start using the Prayer of Awesomeness Major Glyph.

So..where to put your talent points ?

Tank Healing ? I would tend to go with something like this:  Tank Healz Build

Raid Healing ? Something like this:  Raid Healz Build

Obviously there are variations – Train of Thought …. as yet ive NEVER specced into this – is the cooldown reduction on Penace/Inner focus really worth it ?

The talent calculators arent yet updated with the new Strength of Soul tooltip.  or the Improved PW:S talent.

We still need to take into consideration – PW:S will cost more mana [damn you blizz] – dont start spamming it around unless:

1: You need to save ppl from almost certain death [i.e the suicidal kitty]

2:  You need the regen from Rapture.

3: You’re healing / assist healing 2 or more tanks.  Remember Grace can be active on multiple targets [ty blizz /hug]

4: You best friend is a Mage. lol

It will take a bit more damage to pop a PW:S so use them wisely or loose your mana faster.

The raid healing build can also be your ‘general all rounder’ it will allow you to raid heal and heal support the tanks too thx to the Strength of Soul talent.

Inner Focus – each time you pop it [45 sec cd] you will be immune to silence/interrupt and dispel effects for 5 secs.  Really nice for PVP.  I have IF macro’d to every healing spell I cast so I dont even have to think about it coming off cd.

Regen: the changes

You know that resto  shaman you have demanded be in your group for the sole purpose of their smexy mana tide totem ?  Demand no more – introducing the raid wide mana tide ! /cheer

Now, its a good idea to co-ordinate [arrange beforehand / yell on vent /teamspeak or make a macro] your mana regen cooldowns such as Hymn of Hope – with the shaman’s mana tide as they WILL stack and ultimatley return MORE mana to you and him/her.  Hell why not pop Shadowfiend too for a bit more !  🙂

Some ppl think Disc will be over powered with all the changes we are getting in 4.0.6  – My view ? well, I think it will make the bad disc priests good and the good ones extremely good  🙂

Move over paladins – we have our cake – we WILL eat it too.

Thats it for me – need to get back to farming the what feels like unobtainable Dwarf Archeaology Staff !!

Ciao for now.

4.0.6 ‘The OMG Buffs Patch’ PTR

So, the PTR’s are being fired up with a new patch – 4.0.6  this contains LOTS of tastey buffs for Discipline Priests.  Its nice to see Blizz have been ‘semi-listening’ to the community and are fixing some issues.

So – heres what we have to look forward too – I have lighlighted the tastiest ones and added my initial thoughts…!! although they are all good..lets hope this makes it onto live !! :D


* Levitate now lasts 10 min, up from 2 min.  oookkkk
* Power Word: Fortitude now costs 22% of base mana, down from 69%.  ok – so I wont need to have Inner Will on to buff the raid anymore…why do buffs have to cost mana anyway ?!?
* Power Word: Shield now scales from 87% of spell power, up from 41.8%. Base absorb increased by 110%, from 3906 to 8136. Now costs 25% of base mana, up from 19% of base mana. This is a HUGE BUFF
* Focused Will now reduces all damage taken by 5/10%, up from 4/6%.  Already in-game
* Grace can now be active on multiple targets at a time. OMG HUGE BUFF ALERT ..multiple targets !!!! /faint
* Pain Suppression no longer increases resistance to Dispel mechanics.
* Rapture now energizes you with 2/4/6% of your total mana, up from 1.5/2/2.5%. Awesome buff already in-game on live
* Atonement now affects a friendly party or raid target within 15 yards, up from 8 yards. Already in-game on live.
* Improved Power Word: Shield now also increase the damage absorbed by an additional 15/30% when Power Word: Shield is cast on yourself. Good for PVP I suppose – but id prefer to see this work as a buff in general to PW:S…


* Holy Word: Chastise now has a 30 sec cooldown, up from 25 sec. wow an extra 5 secs
* Chakra’s state now last 1 min, up from 30 sec. Better
* Blessed Resilience now increases all healing received by 15/30%, up from 5/10%. Nice Buff
* Holy Concentration now increases mana regeneration by 15/30%, up from 10/20%. Nice buff – already ingame on live…
* Surge of Light now also procs from Flash Heal and Greater Heal. Awesome [for Atonement spec disc priests]

Referring back to my previous post – although none of the above proposed changes reflect my ‘wishes’ these are very positive changes and a step in the right direction of strengthening a Discipline Priests Tank & Raid healing capabilities.  i will be one happy lil gnome if these make it through to Live…

Oh – and just a quicke – stoopid screenshot from Throne of the Tides heroic dungeon… i suspect youve all done the mounting up on your groups mount thing.. lol  surprisingly it dosent look as stupid a gnome on a mounts head…anyway moving on take a peek.,

See you next time !